It's Written On Our Faces

Since the opening we've been really running. Daily I'm still reminded and encouraged by just how many people are excited about SBC. Table visits are a big part of what we do, and as I walk around and introduce myself to people I always ask some variation of "Where are you coming from?”


While most people refer to their jobs or homes, I can't help but notice how the details they don't talk about vary so widely. A father and his daughter wearing brands such as Carhart, Mountain Hardware, and North Face- there to grab a bite after a hike? Then, there are the three women and a baby girl, ages (app.) 60, 40, 20, and 2 out for lunch- four generations? And finally, the four business men who are clearly there to talk shop; the suit pulled back, tie over the shoulder, and (justified) irritation by my bother says volumes.

While also rewarding, it's research like this that says we're succeeding. If I can ever guess who our next customer will be, or I stare out into a sea of similar faces, then I'll know something is terribly wrong. Variation is key, and we resonate with people of all backgrounds and stories.

Thanks for choosing SBC. We really are happy to see you.

Address & Hours

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