We Got Great Buns and We CAN NOT LIE.


After three years of using the Bread Basket buns, we've recently had to make a change. I wanted to take a couple paragraphs to tell you about this change, and explain my reasoning behind it.

When we began in 2011 as the first food truck in Chattanooga I wanted to craft a better burger. Wanting a local, unique, sweet bun I approached the Bread Basket and asked if they would supply us. The crew on Signal Mountain had a bunch of questions about supply, logistics, size, and shape. However, they agreed to hand craft buns for us based on the premise of "Look, we aren't a commercial bakery, and we don't operate like one." I still love this motto. That's what they stand for and you can taste it in whatever product you buy. If you haven't highly recommend you try their bread.

Fastforward to 2013, and we've had great success with all our products. We've expanded into two additional stores, and volume has quadrupled; all of for which I'm thankful. However, Bread Basket still produces handmade products, and informed us in August that they would no longer be able to keep up with production. So, I set off to find another supplier.

After searching all of the options, Niedlov's Breadworks met all of my criteria. First, Niedlov's has an exceptional product. Their bread is an industry standard, and it's made by masterful bakers. Moreover, they agreed to craft a special sweet but for us to help us with consistency. Second, they are local, and supporting local business is important to me. Finally, they have the capacity to support us in the future. As we move forward and expand, Niedlov's can grow with us and expand their output.

In short, quality is important to us. We do better burgers by using premium ingredients and making fresh products. While I hate to change what has brought us this far, I hope you enjoy our new buns and continue to enjoy Southern Burger Co. We still stay true to our mission of crafting a better burger, and Neidlov's provides a premium ingredient. I encourage you to stop by either our Ooltewah or Warehouse Row store and give it a try.

Thanks for your support, and I hope to see you soon!

Mark Song